Name and History of Organization

A.1. The organization shall be known as the ROOK Card Collectors Association, abbreviated RCCA or ROOKcca.

A.2. After years of discussion and planning, the organization was founded in 2006 (ROOK’s 100th year anniversary) by Coit R. Morrison. During the first annual meeting of the RCCA in Chattanooga, TN, Coit Morrison, Jared Bruckner, and Donna Culver worked out the details of the Charter and Bylaws. The first convention was held in the March of 2007 – officers were elected, tasks were assigned, and plans were set in motion.

A.3. Special recognition is given to the Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors. Their structure, Charter, and Bylaws were the template of the RCCA’s framework.

Statement of Purpose

B.1. The RCCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and preservation of the Parker Brothers game of ROOK, and to the encouragement of research on the history of the game.

B.2. The RCCA is, further, an educational body, gathering historical information and performing original research on ROOK and ROOK related games. The RCCA disseminates ROOK information through various channels including the RCCA publications, web site, archives and meetings.

B.3. The RCCA shall establish a Code of Ethics for its members and a Privacy Policy dealing with information collected from its members.


C.1. Membership. The RCCA is open to all individuals and institutions that support the organization’s purpose and programs. Members join and maintain membership by submitting an application form, paying membership dues, being accepted by the organization and adhering to its Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy.

C.2. Charter Membership. Charter membership is available to all members who joined prior to July 31, 2007.


D.1. Board of Directors. Sole management and control of the RCCA shall be vested in the Board of Directors elected by the general membership. Composition, election, terms, meetings and committees for the Board shall be further set forth in the Bylaws.

D.2. Officers and Executive Committee. The officers shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary(s) and Treasurer, elected by the general membership. The officers shall be voting members of the Board of Directors and together shall form the Executive Committee. The election, terms, meetings and duties for the officers and executive committee shall be further set forth in the Bylaws.

D.3. Bylaws. The RCCA shall have a set of bylaws that provide the framework for governing the operations of the organization, so long as the Bylaws are consistent with the Charter.


E.1. This Charter may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the full paid membership. The proposed amendment must be first approved by the Board of Directors, and shall be sent to all members along with a ballot and notice that ballots must be received by a specified time not less than 30 days from the sending of the proposed amendment.

This Charter was approved by the RCCA membership in March 2007.

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