Meeting Minutes



Submitted by: Donna Culver, Secretary

The 2nd RCCA meeting was held at Hickory Knob State Resort in McCormick, SC.

Meeting was called to order by Coit Morrison.

Motion was made for Jared Bruckner to take over Treasury Position.

It was voted on and was unanimous.

Donna told Jared she would mail him the checks.

The newsletter was discussed and times were finalized to when the next newsletter would be distributed.

We talked about next year’s convention.  The location and time was agreed upon.  It will be in Chattanooga, TN during MLK Holiday weekend.

Jared will look into hotels and meeting arrangements.

Meeting was adjourned.

We then played ROOK.



Submitted by:  Donna Culver, Secretary

The first RCCA meeting was held in Chattanooga, TN at the home of Jared Bruckner.

First, there was a meet and greet.  Then, everyone showed off their unique collection of Rook cards.

A call to order for the Business Meeting was made by Coit Morrison.  Jared Bruckner seconded that motion.

Board Members were put in place.  The following was voted on and approved.

President:  Coit Morrison

Vice President:  Jared Bruckner

Secretary:  Donna Culver

Treasurer:  Donna Culver

Coit Morrison then went over Charter, Bylaws and the Privacy Policy, and they were approved by the Board.

Coit Morrison then went over Membership Benefits, and plans for the next annual meeting.  The next annual meeting was voted on and approved to be on MLK weekend at Hickory Knob State Park.

Donna Culver went over some ideas for the newsletter, and proposed the newsletter to be named, “What’s Trump?”   That was approved by the board.

Coit Morrison talked about and showed the webpage that had been done, and the future plans of it.

Coit Morrison talked about the Directory Fields.

Coit Morrison went over the Timeline of everything we had discussed in the meeting.  All of which was approved by the Board.

The motion was called for the meeting to be adjourned by Donna Culver, and it was seconded by Jared Bruckner.

We then played Rook.  (And had fun getting beat by Jared and Coit.)

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